Welcome to Istenbat House

Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment is one of the pioneer establishments in agriculture product both in plant and animal fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Since Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment had been founded, it bore the responsibility of contributing in developing agriculture in the kingdom. Therefore, due to success granted by Allah first, then the efforts of its charge daffier, Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment seeks for the continuity of maintaining more distinction in the fields of its different activities.
Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment distinguished with aware management having a great experience in that field.
This management is depending on Allah first, then on its qualified scientific and technical members.
These members have competence as well as great experience through their trustworthy scientific researches in that field.

About Istenbat

Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment has a great ambition to achieve more progress in agriculture product field. This is to present to the kingdom all the new about agricultural progress and prosperity we touched in that blessed period. We, workers in Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment, have a complete trust in success granted by Allah especially in the support of the custodian of the two holy mosques, his wise government and ministry of agriculture. May Allah bless them all to help us to serve the citizens of that vast country.

Agriculture Investment Fields for Istenbat House for Agriculture Establishment:

First: Plant Production:

Barley grain sprouts production for non-traditional fodder for animal feeding.
Plant seed and grain sprouts production for Nutrition and medicine of human.
Vegetables production through Organic and Bio systems under open field and green houses conditions.

Second: Animal Production:

Organic sheep production by green barely grass Fodder.

Third: Manufacturing & Establishment of Regular & Air Conditioned Greenhouses